Teacher High Five Hall of Fame

10/2 Congratulations to Mrs. Barbara Crossan who teaches Pre-K at North Chautauqua Catholic School in Dunkirk, NY. She was nominated by Debra who has had twins in Mrs. Crossan’s class the past two years. She says Mrs. Crossan is a woman of faith who pours out love and attention on every child. Outside of her classroom, she serves as a mentor for other faculty at the school.

10/1 Congratulations to Mrs. Rebekah Lewis, a 4th and 5th grade math and science teacher at Whitesville Central School in Whitesville, NY. Last year was her first year teaching, so it was a challenge, ending the year online. Mrs. Lewis made the best of it, all while being a farm wife and mom to three busy boys. In addition to teaching, Mrs. Lewis loves to learn a nd passes that desire on to her students.

9/30 Congratulations to Mrs. Tonya Cooper, an art Teacher at Baldwinsville Christian Academy. She is a gifted artist and doesn’t just teach her students how to be  creative. She also takes the time to share life skills that will benefit them for years to come. She was nominated by her daughter, Adianna who says she’s not just a great teacher, but a great mom too.

9/29 Congratulations to Mrs. Patrice Dale. She’s an 8th grade math teacher at Central Mountain Middle School in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. McKenna says she makes even Algebra 1 fun because she’s so energetic. This hasn’t been an easy year for many teachers, so we’re hoping this High Five helps to cheer Mrs. Dale up so she can keep shining the love of Jesus at school.

9/28 Congratulations to Mr. Jon Retz who is the head of at Houghton Academy. He was nominated by Josephine who says he helps students feel at ease by building a trusting relationship with each of them. When the school lost a student, Mr. Retz sent out a message to everyone, encouraging them to remember that God loves them.

9/25 Congratulations to Ms. Teresa Dellavilla from Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts. Ms. Dellavilla teaches a 6th grade Special Education class. That’s especially hard with distance learning, so she makes a point to connect with families on a daily basis through an app. She makes herself available to help after school too. She was nominated by a parent named Laurie who says Ms. DellaVilla does it all with an upbeat attitude that shows she really cares. All that extra effort makes it easier for her students to learn and thrive!

9/24 Congratulations to Mrs. Jessica Buchman who teaches Kindergarten at Union Endicott in Endicott, New York. She was nominated by her Grandma Humphrey, who says this is Jessica’s dream job. In addition to her classroom teaching, Jessica and her husband have two little girls who are learning about God at home.

9/23 Congratulations to Mrs. Kimberly Burkhart, a third grade teacher from Milford Central School in Milford, NY. She was nominated by Jen, who says she is dedicated to her students through innovative activities and experiential learning. When school wen to remote learning back in March, Mrs. Burkhart helped Jen’s daughter push through challenges, no matter what. She is a woman of faith whose influence goes far beyond the classroom.

9/22 Congratulations to Mrs. Brenda Shimo in Mercer, PA. She has been homeschooling for 18-years now. In addition to teaching core subjects, she also teaches the Bible, and shares her faith with her students. She was nominated by her husband, David. He says two of their six children have already graduated and are off to great things, thanks to Brenda’s encouragement in and out of the classroom.

9/21 Congratulations to Mrs. Cathy Burne who heads up the First Covenant Church Preschool in Jamestown, NY. She was nominated by Janice, who says she has a sweet heart, especially towards children. The school just celebrated its 50th anniversary and is not funded by tax dollars. That means Cathy organizes many events that help to raise money to keep the school going. That’s a lot of time, talent and love.

9/18 Congratulations to Mrs. Rachel Murat who teaches US History and Participation in Government at Maine-Endwell High School in Endwell, NY. She was nominated by Chris, a former student, who says she was one of his favorite teachers in high school. Besides her classroom work, Mrs. Murat also oversees a meal delivery program. It’s no wonder she previously won a New York State Teacher of the Year Award.

9/17 Congratulations to Mrs. Elaine Luce who is a teacher’s aid for 3rd and 5th grades at Johnson City Elementary School in Johnson City, NY. She was nominated by Christie who has witnessed Mrs. Luce’s patience. She treats every child as an individual and helps them reach their potential in a loving way. She supports teachers, both in the classroom and one-on-one, truly caring for their well-being.

9/16 Congratulations to Mrs. Belinda Stenzel who teaches 1st grade at Holy Ghost Lutheran School in Bergholz, NY. Not only does Mrs. Stenzel teach during the day, but after school she tutors. She brings compassion to the classroom and even lets students call her at home if they have questions about homework. Mrs. Stenzel was nominated by Valerie, whose son has received that tenderness from his teacher. She says Mrs. Stenzel “loves with her whole heart and shines her light everywhere.”

9/15 Congratulations to Mrs. Tracy Brady who teaches middle and high school Spanish at Afton Middle and High School in Afton, NY. She was nominated by Alex who was having a hard time with Spanish during the quarantine. The help Mrs. Brady gave helped Alex advance to Spanish 2.

9/14 Congratulations to Mrs. Yonna Castle who teaches 4th grade Social Studies and Science at Canton Elementary School in Canton, PA. She was nominated by Allen who says she previously taught in private Christian schools and is now teaching in the public school system. She is a Christ-centered woman who loves to teach and influence our next generation. 

Teacher High Five Hall of Fame