Summer of Hope

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summer of hope

  • A single mother is desperately trying to raise her children after her husband has left her but she has no hope.
  • A husband and wife are serious that their children grow to love the Lord – but they need guidance and help.
  • A veteran returns to the country that sent him overseas to protect our freedom – but he is having a hard time adapting to a different lifestyle.
  • A high school teenager is courageously trying to remain pure – but the peer pressure is great and she’s not sure where to turn.

Each of these scenarios has one thing in common – the need for hope! Hope is the bridge between despair and faith. By giving hope, the door to a person’s heart becomes more open to what God has for them. Being used by God to touch lives with His message of hope is our passion at Family Life and we invite you to share in our “Summer of Hope”.

From a heartbroken husband having recently experienced divorce…“During this season of need, Family Life has been faithful in the mission, ‘impacting lives through the message of hope.’ There has been numerous times where music, humor, and messages have provided the encouragement, love, and support that continue to pave the way for ministering forward.”

From an inmate who was sentenced to nine years in prison…“I wished that I could let you and listeners know how much your station is really doing God’s will…I thank all of them for supporting you because you have been so encouraging to me. You’ve been my light in a dark place.”

From a new mother in India…“My husband and I have been blessed with a baby girl after eight years of marriage. I discovered Gentle Praise radio on my Blackberry phone as I was searching for stations that played lullabies…I pray that my daughter develops a taste for such beautiful music, quality with the content of faith…after all we serve a God who deserves the best.”

From a wife lonely after the death of her husband…“I live alone and it [Family Life] is like my best friend outside of Jesus. You have been there through some very difficult times in my life. My husband died in his 50s two years ago…I always hear something when I need it. It has been such an encouragement to me.”

Every day, hope is being administered through many different outlets at Family Life: God uses the radio network to reach hundreds of thousands of people each day with uplifting and informative content; for those who prefer different music styles, Family Life provides online streams that minister to those with different music tastes; the Performing Arts department has seen incredible growth over the past few years and is poised to minister to thousands of adults and young people this next year; and the family and personal counseling outreach at the ministry has now spread across New York and Pennsylvania helping people in need.

God is at work, and He is using an incredible family of people, just like you, to help move others from despair to faith. Many of you have recently been part of that family and we are extremely grateful for your help in allowing Family Life to reach those it currently does. There are so many more ministry opportunities available right now, and what is exciting is that you can continue being a part of His ongoing plan in giving hope to thousands of others!

Family Life is celebrating its 55th Anniversary in a few months. On July 25th we will be holding a one-day fund drive to help with Family Life’s Project REACH in expanding each ministry outreach. You can help commemorate 55 years of providing hope to people with a special gift of $55.00, $550.00 or even $5,500.00 as the Lord speaks to you! Your gift to this ministry, no matter the amount, would be an incredible blessing.

Thank you again for your help in giving hope to those in your community and to a world that so desperately needs the message of hope found only in Jesus Christ!

P.S. As Family Life continues to look for creative ways to provide hope to people, the ministry has created a partnership in developing the “Hope Card”. This free card provides many benefits to you personally while also allowing you to “pay it forward” in helping to rebuild the family unit – society’s building block. We would encourage you to learn more about the “Hope Card” by visiting and clicking on the “Hope Card” link. There you can sign up for the free card and begin to take advantage of the ever increasing number of resources available to you. 

hope card


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