Project Reach: Being a Part of God's Plan

12.05.11 | Rick Snavely | Comments[0]

It’s so rewarding to hear how the Lord uses His ministry at Family Life to touch hearts and change lives! We experienced this in so many ways during the Fall Sharathon. The constant theme from listeners was that Family Life not only was appreciated but also needed. Hearing from those whose lives have been impacted has been a blessing.

“I’m writing to you to share with you how your radio station, staff and listeners have helped me with getting my life back on track with God…God blessed me with putting me in the lives of two wonderful Christian people who adopted me. I grew up knowing God and His love and forgiveness. [I went] to church every Sunday, Bible studies on Wednesdays and Christian camps in the summer. I remember growing up and all we listened to was FLN. Shortly after I graduated I began to use drugs and alcohol. For ten years I struggled with drugs and being clean…

In 2007 I was arrested for over 30 burglaries…In 2009 I was sentenced to nine years in prison and I thought the worse was over but it wasn’t…I started my time at Attica which was pretty scary, but with God’s help He got me through that. I found myself listening to your station on my radio and it helped me so much…My life has slowly gotten back on track with God. My day starts with devotions and prayers, and through all the day I listen to you all…

Last week as I listened to the sharathon, I had wished that I could call in and let you all know and listeners know how much your station is really doing God’s will…I thank all of them for supporting you because you have been so encouraging to me; you’ve been my light in a dark place.”

Did you catch how important you are in this person’s life? It’s your support which provides this radio station so he can listen! I spoke with another man recently who said that through listening to Family Life his broken marriage was restored. God used the radio ministry to speak to his heart about giving up alcohol and reconciling with his wife! Again, God used you to be a part of this life change!

One of the most touching letters we received came the day before the Fall Sharathon. It was from a lady who lives in western New York, an area without a clear Family Life signal. She told us that at certain times of the year she is able to pick up either the Jamestown or Arcade stations, but recently neither of them has come in clearly. Then she shared this:

“I’ve been praying that the Brant location would become reality someday soon!... Please let me know if it goes on the air so that I can once again get the Good News! I have terminal cancer and unless God chooses to heal me, I may be in Heaven before the end of this year. I would love to hear FLN in my house again before that time comes. Thank you for all that you do to minister to so many lives.”

Thanks to these kinds of testimonies, our passion is rekindled to serve the Lord more effectively by reaching people and meeting needs. Every ministry outreach at Family Life can touch hearts. These three testimonies were a result of the radio ministry as God drew these individuals closer to Him via the airwaves.

In the area where this terminally ill lady lives, Family Life has a construction permit to build a new station. It would be so rewarding to construct that station quickly, but at this moment, the ministry does not have the financial means to proceed. Some listeners did offer to purchase an internet radio for her, but unfortunately she has no internet access. The construction of the new station would be her only hope to receive Family Life’s signal.

Your financial support in the past year has been a blessing to Family Life! It’s a trust that we do not take for granted. Your involvement reveals your desire for the Lord to continue growing the ministry. The radio outreach has operated for 28 years, and we have watched Him orchestrate things that have left us scratching our heads in amazement. The timing of our plans has not always coincided with His plans. But still He has revealed His glory in moving Family Life forward. Now we again wait for Him.

Family Life has had the privilege to start broadcasting on two new radio stations recently - WCGM in Wattsburg, PA and WCIS in Laporte, PA. These stations represent two of the five construction permits that the FCC has awarded to Family Life this past year. Frankly, we did not plan to have all these stations be approved at once: some of them have been in the works since the mid 2000s. With our nation’s economy struggling, it seems that now is not the time to be expanding and building new stations. But God is in control! He knows that once we receive a construction permit, the clock starts ticking as Family Life is given a period of time to build these stations or completely lose its investment.

This is why I’m writing this letter to you. Our need by the end of the year is $200,000 for Project REACH. This amount will completely pay off the two new stations that have been put on the air. Plus, it will allow us to move forward with the initial stages of construction for the other three; one in western New York and two others in western Pennsylvania. The opportunity of ministering to nearly a million more listeners, including our dear friend with terminal cancer, is something only the Lord can orchestrate. The exciting news is that you can be part of making this happen!

As the Lord has blessed you this year, please consider an investment in others’ lives by helping Family Life build these new stations. Your gift is tax-deductible and will go entirely toward the construction costs. What a thrill it will be for all of us as God answers the prayers of many for a quality Family Life signal in each of these new areas. Thank you for joining us as together we seek to implement God’s unfolding plan!

Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely CEO


P.S. The internet radio card that you see below highlights Family Life’s online music streams. You can help spread the word about these music options by distributing these cards. Let us know how many you would like and we will send them to you. Simply e-mail us at



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