One True God

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“One True God”

Family Life’s Fall Sharathon

October 13-15 

Recently I watched a young man on stage share with an audience not only his talents but also his passion for the Lord.  What made the event so special was that just two years prior, this teenager had given his life to Christ as a result of a Family Life co-sponsored event.  Today he ministers in a teen outreach team.

A few months ago I was made aware of an individual who had invited his neighbors to a dinner theater.  It was the first time the couple had attended an event sponsored by Family Life.  That event opened the door for a developing relationship allowing for discussion about spiritual issues.

Family Life – Serving “One True God”!

As Family Life enters its 55th year of ministry, these two examples are just a few of the many stories of God using this organization to reach people from all walks of life, in all age demographics,  and through a myriad of unique outreaches.

In the fall of 1957, Family Life was founded as an independent Youth for Christ organization.  While our name has changed, the faces are different, and the culture is far more complex, the focus and passion is the same – reaching people for Jesus Christ!

Serving “One True God” Through Many Outreaches!

Many know Family Life primarily through its radio outreach.  With nearly 70 radio signals in New York and Pennsylvania, the Lord has allowed Family Life’s sphere of influence to grow far and wide geographically.  But radio is just one aspect of how the ministry touches the hearts of thousands on a daily basis. 

Young people are challenged to give their hearts and lives to Christ through camping programs and youth events.  They also are encouraged to use their God-given abilities to serve the Lord.  Youth Theater Workshops are held in locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania providing training in performing arts. 

Families and individuals find encouraging and spiritually enriching opportunities through Family Life sponsored events like concerts, dinner theaters, stage productions, and comedy events.  Networking takes place with pastors, youth leaders, singles ministry coordinators, and counseling groups.

Serving “One True God” Through Multiple Radio Formats!

And then there’s radio.  Family Life seeks to provide what is uncommon today – a full service radio outreach – not just a jukebox.  The radio ministry inspires through music, uplifting on-air personalities, creative and compelling programs, along with relevant news, weather, and sports.  Professionalism with a personable approach is a key ingredient in all aspects of the radio outreach.

And yet not everyone enjoys the same music format or style.  Family Life meets the various needs and desires of many others through the Internet.  Music formats with styles for all tastes are part of what Family Life offers at  Details of this widening online ministry are provided in the enclosed brochure.

Serving “One True God” Together!

With so much ministry taking place on a daily basis, it’s easy to take for granted all the time and resources that keep the various outreaches operating.  This is why Family Life will hold the Fall Sharathon on October 13-15.  Funds raised during these three days will support the entire ministry for the next six months.  We need you as part of the Family Life community!  We need your prayers.  We need your financial support.  Your willingness to join thousands of others ensures that the many layers of God given ministry through Family Life will continue.

When Ron Hutchcraft of “A Word With You” last visited us, he made a very humbling statement.  Ron acknowledged that there are very few, if any, ministries like Family Life in the country.  He wondered if those in the Family Life listening audience realize what the Lord has done in this area.

We consider it extreme privilege to be involved in what the Lord accomplishes through Family Life.  Whether on the frontline team experiencing the action daily or part of the reinforcement team keeping supplies coming in, we are blessed to serve with you the “One True God” who is King of kings and Lord of lords!

Serving “One True God” By Our Giving!

We invite you to join in the Lord’s work through Family Life.  Your monthly investment or one-time gift would be extremely helpful at this time.  In recent sharathons we have fallen short of our needed goal causing the depletion of the ministry’s reserves.  Necessary cuts have been made as we strive to be as frugal as possible.  But without your help during the Fall Sharathon we will not be able to continue all the ministry outreaches that you have enjoyed and benefited from.

Please know that your gift is important no matter the amount!  God asks us to give sacrificially – to give out of our abundance.  One of the blessings of your involvement is that His Word will continue to connect with thousands of people each day through the various outreaches of Family Life.  Your gift could be the difference in a young person, a mom or dad, or a senior citizen surrendering their heart to Christ as they hear the message of hope!  Thank you for your investment and partnership in God’s ministry at Family Life!


Yours in Christ,

Rick Snavely



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on 05.13.12 Lanny Tucker commented

Did I hear an announcement recently on your broadcast that you have a program for people to invest funds in the ministry for a modest return? Sort of like buying bonds in the ministry as some other Christian ministries provide? I could not find anything like this on your web site. If this is the case, please let me know how to learn more. If you have a prospectus, you can send it to me at 9535 Union Street, Scottsville, NY 14546



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