Joyfully United

10.14.11 | Darcie Schwarz | Comments[0]

Blurry-eyed at 5:45 am, I walk into Family Life tired and ready to roll. (Yes, 5:45 AM) Sharathon time is interesting and the awe of the experience never really loses its luster. Your body is whooped from working into the evening hours the night before, but your heart is full - joyful even.

I cherish joy and all the feelings associated with its fruit. Joy supercedes the "natural man." It rises above. Physical fatigue takes a back seat to the Spirit as you anticipate a move of God. I mean... it's not even 6am, the auditorium is cold, I haven't had my first cup of coffee. But I feel great.

Rick Snavely, our president and network manager, walks in with a spring in his step, ready for a day of Sharathon challenges and giveaways. He has a million activities to oversee. The tech guys are laughing in the corner, and I realize "This is God." There's no other explanation. Here we are - united in purpose with one mind, one heart - absolutely loving what we do. Each one here has the honor of serving the one true God that gave us life and breath. And we get to do it together. I'll tell you what. Great joy comes with being in fellowship with other believers.

I love what Paul says in Philippians. It helps me understand this kind of joy even better. He says to the church -- I love the way he puts it -- Therefore my beloved, my brothers and sisters whom I love, who I long for, my joy and my crown. The word for crown that he uses here is the same word used for an athletic crown. It is like saying to the Philippians, you are my gold medal. You are the crown for me. You are a joy to me. And this is what joy is. It's an experience; it's a fellowship that we have with brothers and sisters in service to the Lord together.

Thank you God for the saints. They truly are the excellent ones!


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