Who Are All These Children? And Why Are They Calling Me Mom?

04.15.13 | Sarah Harnisch

faith bogdan bookDo you ever feel burned out as a mom? How do you handle children that you don't get along with? Do you feel lonely? What happens to your identity once you have kids? How do you not just "get through" motherhood, but thrive in it? Faith Bogdan is a local author, from Gillette, Pennsylvania, out with her first book called, "Who Are All These Children, and Why Are They Calling Me Mom?" She speaks with morning news anchor Sarah Harnisch.


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on 04.16.13 Kathleen L. Maher commented

Wonderful interview. I enjoyed the questions, and related to "wanderwoman" a bit too much! Best to you, Faith on your book launch!

on 04.16.13 M. Crosby commented

Thank you very much, I needed to hear this today. God works in wonderful ways. God bless.