She Says 9: Spiritual Disciplines

12.23.09 | She Says

The She Says crew brainstorms about spiritual disciplines and ways to walk closer with God.








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on 12.23.09 Glenda commented

Hello: I work two jobs-which I'm thankfull for-I find myself with out friends I can talk too. I'm basically a quiet person who finds it hard to talk to anyone about my feelings. How to ask for help in that area is waht I need your prays for. I'm always trying to do my best and do my job, now I feeling like I'm loosening my what to at my jobs. Please help. I need to find someone I can open up to. Thanks

on 12.27.09 Mary (she says) commented

Hi Glenda - we'll be praying! Did you know that Family Life Ministries has a counseling department? The counselors are kind and so easy to talk to ... please call and talk with one of them. I'm sure they will give you a starting point in opening up! Ask for Patti Anderson or Gary Short when you call. They're both wonderful Christians with big hearts to help. 800-927-9083 weekdays from 8:30 - 5. God loves you, Glenda. He really, really does.