She Says 7: Role Models

11.29.09 | She Says

Role models are important for Christian women.  Everyone needs someone to learn from.  But when it comes to picking role models, what does the world – Christian and non-Christian – present as aspiring qualities?







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on 12.17.09 Mary (She Says) commented

Here's an interesting quote about role models I ran across. Wish I'd had it when we recorded this podcast!
"Too many times, a gifted person comes along, and we automatically make them a role model. Inevitably, they end up doing something to let us down. The truth is, though, that those were never the role models we needed. The role models we benefit from are people who may let us down first, but then show the strength and character and faith to fight back from that.

Sooner or later, we're all going to let somebody down. We're all going to screw up. But life is about how you come back from it, how you learn from it and how you use it to become a better, stronger person." (a NY Times un-named sportscaster)

on 12.08.09 debra travis-pound commented

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on 12.09.09 Jill commented

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