She Says 6: When "Niceness" Isn't Nice

11.18.09 | She Says

Christians are expected to be nice, get along, and show love to one another. But sometimes love doesn’t come in sugary sweet packages. It can mean saying and doing the hard things.







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on 11.22.09 Maria Lindsey commented

I listed to your podcast last night. I was a little afraid it would be like the talk show "The View" which drives me crazy when the ladies all try to talk at the same time!! I was so glad it wasn't and that I took the time to listen. I was greatly blessed by listening to you! Thank you for your openness to sharing your thoughts and ideas. Your love for Christ and your desire to live as He would have you live is very evident. One comment that was made really gave me an "ah ha" moment. When you were discussing why you choose not to watch certain movies and how you explain that to others. I have never been able to simply and clearly explain to others why I make certan choices. You put it so simply, when I allow certain things in my life it interferes with my relationship with God. Thank you for giving me the words to share my decisions about life with others clearly and in a non judgemental way. I look forward to listening to more podcasts!

on 11.23.09 Melissa commented

When I was 21, I met a man. I decided to move in with him prior to marriage. I asked a college friend to be a maid in my marriage ceremony. She said no because of us living together. I remember her words 12 years later and if I ever see her again I would say thank you for her honest words and sticking on God's word. I do forgive her now though I was not happy with her then.

I also wished I listened to my parents because this man was not a good man. He was and still is controlling and manipulative.

Though I am now devorced I vowed that I will follow God's word in my next relationship expcially that I have a 9yr old and want to show her by example the right way of going about this.

on 11.23.09 She Says commented

Wow ... thanks for comments!
@ Maria: We're so touched that the Lord used the podcast to provide you with a way to backup why you make certain choices when your friends don't understand. He is faithful and true. Thank you for taking the time to bless us with your comment!
@ Melissa: Lessons learned ... we all can look back and see where we took the wrong path at a point in our lives. Stay strong in the Lord, girl! You're on the right path now. Thanks for a "peek" into your God-story!
~~ Mary (She Says participant)

on 12.03.09 Allison commented

In the niceness podcast someone said, "Jesus was a multifaceted lover" that is simply beautiful. I have a long way to go and grow...thank you for helping me on my journey.

on 12.03.09 Darcie commented

Jesus really is our Lover. He wants all of us. Our heart, mind, and soul... even our body. Sometimes during worship,I'm moved to dance for Him. Try it - for real. You'll feel truly beautiful. It's amazing how free we can be in Jesus. Free to simply adore him. Free to be known for exactly who we are, faults and all. I mean, that's worship at it's core.