She Says 40: Identity

12.09.13 | She Says

IdentityHave you ever been to the carnival and looked in those crazy fun-house mirrors? The images that they bounce back are skewed and distorted. You can step in front of one mirror and look tall and slim, step over to the next and you have shrunk and suddenly gain 30 pounds. These mirrors reflect more fiction than truth. For a true reflection of your likeness you need a different mirror.

What type of mirror are you using to view who you are on the inside? Is it warped and blurred, or is reflecting the truth? Mark Driscoll said "Our identity as men and women is not achieved by what we do, but rather by is received by what God has done, making us in his 'likeness.' As a mirror reflects our image, so we are a mirror made by God to reflect his truth, love, goodness, beauty, generosity, and justice to the world."

Join the She Says group for a podcast on identity, and your identity in Christ. They will be talking about seeing the truth, and reflecting the Lord in this version of She Says.


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