She Says 36: Living the "In Christ" Life

04.27.12 | She Says

What's it like to live "in Christ?" April, Nicole and Mary share their personal faith walks.

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on 05.03.12 Robin commented

Hi Ladies, I can totally relate to the legalistic upbringing. I still find myself struggling with it many years later. My faith was an outward belief. If I did this, this and this and didn't do that, that or that then God loved me. What damage this does to young people! I now know that God loves me for who I am not for what I do and that totally floors me every time I think on it. Thank you for sharing and God richly bless you.

on 05.20.12 Mary commented

Dear Robin - What we were taught (good or bad) while young sure sticks with us, doesn't it?! It can take years to strip off the ropes of legalism and walk in the freedom Jesus offers. I know I am still in that process, although I thank God for the work He's already done in me! Thanks for your comment and blessing.