She Says 35: Repentance - Lord Change Me!

01.24.12 | She Says

Since repentance is proclaimed by every prophet and apostle throughout the Bible, it must be glorious!

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on 02.09.12 M. commented

12 years ago I took something that didn't belong to me. This past year after committing myself more to church. I have been guilt stricken with my past actions. The bible mentioned undoing wrong? What if the confession of my actions would put others at risk? I'm not trying to justify my actions, but how do I know that this guilt is Godly?

on 02.10.12 Mary (She Says) commented

Hello M. --- it's interesting that you mention this situation. David Jeremiah (on Turning Point this week) was talking about a similar situation in his life. As a young person, he had stolen money from the store where he was working. As he grew in understanding of the Lord (many years later), he knew he had to "make it right". At that time, he sent the money back to the store owner in a plain white envelope and with no name as to who sent it or why. Then (many more years later) he was going to preach at a church or conference (I can't remember which) fairly close to the town where the store was... and knew he could not until he completed his repentant beginning on this issue. He called the man and asked them to meet him. They did and David Jeremiah spilled out the whole story to them and - face to face - asked their forgiveness. The burden of sorrow he'd carried for so long lifted and he knew the separation he'd felt from Jesus was gone!! And the people forgave him gracefully.
I don't know what your situation is, but if you would like to call me and share your heart, I would be privileged to talk and pray with you, M. I know Darcie will also be getting back to you about your comment too. We care. I think I can speak for all of us (Darcie, April, Nicole and me) when I say that each of us have found great joy as we grasped how our sin(s) have grieved the Lord who loves us ... and - by His strength and grace - HE brought us to reptenance in regard to our specific situation!! Repentance truly is GLORIOUS! But ... it isn't easy. The only way we can achieve it is by the amazing grace of the Lord Jesus Christ as we position ourself to receive that grace. Soak yourself in God's Word, pray for His intervention, fellowship with believers. God is near. And He is obviously at work in your heart!!!
Again, give me a call at 800-927-9083 (weekdays/business hours). I'd love to talk with you! -- Mary

on 02.10.12 Darcie (She Says) commented

Thank you for getting in touch and we appreciate you. :) My first thought is... have you asked the Lord to forgive you for? It might sound overly simple, but I've always found it an important part of my process. The Lord is full of grace and mercy and looks kindly upon you. Confess to him out loud if you haven’t already or if you’re still feeling a sense of guilt. Then accept his forgiveness. Accepting is usually the hardest part! Actually, come to think of it - forgiving ourselves can the hardest part. I committed sins years ago that I’m not proud of and still think about today. Sometimes, if I let my mind linger, my past sins still bother me. That’s when I go back to the cross. The Lord has saved me and has washed me clean. I am a new creation in Christ, no longer that person - and neither are you. Sometimes I view it this way in my mind: If I continue to dwell on my mistakes, it’s like saying “Jesus, I don’t accept what you’ve done for me.” So if you feel you haven’t accepted the Lord’s forgiveness for the stolen item, let his grace and forgiveness wash over you. About the other thing you mentioned… confessing to the others involoved…
Asking for forgiveness from the people who you’ve hurt and/or committed sin against is very good. God says to admit our sins to one another. But be careful and use discernment if you think your confession could potentially put another person at risk or in danger. I would pray about that. Confessing to the people involved might not be a good idea in that case. It may be wise to keep the confession between you and the Lord. It really depends on the nature of your situation, which I know little about. Ask the Lord what to do, and if you're still coming up with question marks, Mary and I would be happy to talk with you, in confidence, of course. We are praying for you!

on 02.14.12 Andrew Ganzin commented

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