She Says 27: "The Dumps" (Spiritually Speaking)

02.15.11 | She Says

It happens. We find our spiritual gas gauge inching toward "E" and "The Dumps" straight ahead.


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on 02.18.11 Nancy commented

Love to hear that other women go through the same issues. I am not alone, nor do I need to beat myself up over things that I go through that are very normal. Thank you and God bless.

on 02.22.11 Amy commented

This winter has been a tuff one for me - spiritually & mentally. I feel like my soul has been attacked by the world just for being who I am, a godlike woman who does anything asked of her. Guess that is my downfall. I know I am with God and He with me, but where is He in reference to the rest of the world? In teaching children I don't see His work at hand. Has the world forgotten that God IS there? It is hard to keep going when I do what is right and the world leaves it aside. I've NEVER been one to follow the crowd, only what God aaasks me to do for the world. Is anyone really listening or watching or out there that wants to help or aid a fellow Christian?

on 02.23.11 Mary (She Says) commented

@ Nancy -- It's a "we" thing, isn't it? Somehow, it's encouraging that it isn't "just me"! Thanks for listening and the blessing in your post.
@ Amy -- Weary times, huh? I have been there 202 times at least! I learned some hard truths in those times that I would never have learned any other way. #1 - even when trouble swirls around me, God is still in charge and He will take all that trouble/strife/weariness and - somehow beyond my understanding - use it all to accomplish His purposes. These days what's wrong seems right and what's right seems wrong. That's how the world is living. Be assured He is very closely watching you and loving you, Amy. Whether we 'feel' it or not, the Scriptures are full of expressions of His love towards you and me. The devil has influence over the world only at God's permission - for a time. How is that part of God's purposes? I have no idea! But I trust that what the devil means for evil, God means for good. And ... guess what? God will achieve that good in His time.
I'm closing down the computer now to pray for you, Amy. I care. We care. May your heart swell with assurance that, above all, GOD ALMIGHTY cares.
Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment. I'm off to pray ....

on 03.22.11 Kristin commented

Thank you for your openess and honesty. I needed to hear this and to know that other women have the same struggles as I do. It is easy to feel alone when nobody I know talks as one of their struggles. I do get discouraged when I don't know God's plan for my life and sometimes I end up in the "dumps". Thank you so much for your encouragement!

on 04.28.11 Mary (She Says) commented

You're right, Kristin ... when others speak openly about their own struggles, we don't feel so alone anymore! That's one of the reasons why "She Says" came to be. Thank you so much for affirming that decision! Together is so much better than alone, isn't it?!! God's peace and grace to you as you live life in Christ. :0)