She Says 25: Think You're Stuck?

12.14.10 | She Says

She Says chats Barb Short, a biblical counselor with Family Life's FOCUS department to learn about getting past self-defeating life patterns.

Suggested Reading:

"Reinventing Your Life: The Breakthough Program to End Negative Behavior...and Feel Great Again" by Jeffrey E. Young

Here are the 11 Life Traps, Dr. Young mentions in his book:

  • "Please Don't Leave Me!": Abandonment
  • "I Can't Trust You": Mistrust and Abuse
  • "I'll Never Get the Love I Need": Emotional Deprivation
  • "I Don't Fit In": Social Exclusion
  • "I Can't Make It on My Own": Dependence
  • "Catastrophe Is About to Strike": Vulnerability
  • "I'm Worthless": Defectiveness
  • "I Feel Like Such a Failure": Failure
  • "I Always Do It Your Way": Subjugation
  • "It's Never Quite Good Enough": Unrelenting Standards
  • "I Can Have Whatever I Want": Entitlement

(Keep in mind this is a secular book, but offers much insight into what keeps us stuck in life and how to move beyond those patterns)


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