She Says 20: Transitions

07.18.10 | She Says

Ever feel like you're in that in-between place ... sensing that you are moving out of one phase of life but you're not quite into the next one yet?  The women of She Says can identify!


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on 08.02.10 Betsy commented

I am going through this! My husband, 3 yr old daughter, and I just moved out of our first home into our "grown-up" house this past weekend. Now we are faced with more responsibility of a bigger home, getting to know our neighbors, and getting a little anxious on how we are going to afford the day-to-day expenses while my daughter is in daycare for another year. We felt God's peace when we decided on the house, and He has provided an amazing 2nd job opportunity for my husband while we transition into this new stage. We are excited to see how God will provide even greater.

on 08.12.10 Anonymous commented

At this time I am transitioning from emplolyment 40 hrs/week to retirement! What a change! To have the time and be able to choose what I want to do with my time is totally wonderful! So much I want to do!