She Says 18: Dating

05.19.10 | She Says

Dating ... it’s complicated! The old adage “first comes love, then comes marriage” doesn’t always happen as smoothly as it used to.

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on 05.31.10 S commented

You recommended on-line dating. I cannot disagree with you more. The only way to do that is if the other person lives very close by where you can really get to know that person, their family, their friends and their church. If you cannot, don't do it. I had the most horrible experience of my life with an on-line dating relationship. I will never ever go that route again nor will I ever recommend it.

on 06.02.10 Mary (She Says) commented

What a wise suggestion! Online dating is an option, but like you say that must be taken very, very carefully! It's sure not for everyone. Thanks for taking the time to share this warning.