She Says 17: Singleness

04.28.10 | She Says

She Says tackles singleness with some personal reflections and humor on this thought provoking podcast. "Singleness... what’s up with that?"

Book Suggestions:

Table For One: The Saavy Girl's Guide to Singleness (Camerin Courtney)


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on 05.07.10 Jackie commented

OK--wow--great discussion. I am very grateful for this talk. I relate to Darcie in not in a relationship right now. Growing in the Lord---putting the pieces back together. Refocusing my eyes, discovering my purpose. Concentrating on my friends and children, and coming grandchild. And I relate to Mary in being divorced and having children. I listen to Joyce Meyers and trying to renew my mind. reading Battlefield of the Mind. Revelation of God's will and purpose for my life. Thanks everyone. Blessings. jackie
Enjoyed this very much!! I totally get the "L" of loser--that mary went thru. I had to step down form the worship team and eventually left the church. But found grace in the next church and churches i have been in.

on 05.07.10 Mary (She Says) commented

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Jackie! You have encouraged us! It was a hard one for us to do in some respects so your comments have been a real blessing to us.