She Says 15: Priorities

03.24.10 | She Says

As a woman (or man who loves one), you know that a woman’s life is busy, busy, busy! She Says delves into the world of “plate spinning” and some possible remedies.








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on 04.01.10 Jackie commented

I have found that my life is in seasons. There are times when I am very busy then not so busy. In all of it I have to plan and block out with my datebook time to prioritize my interests. I recently dropped college classes realizing that my children will need me. Especially my son and daught in law with the birth of my first grandchild coming soon. I am also a relationship person. So I plan time with my girlfriends and family again through my datebook. I have to purposely take time to exercise though---this is the hardest for me. I have determined that cycling and seimming is my favorite exercise so I have to purposely block out time to do these. Thank you for your thought provoking conversation with the purpose of honoring and glorifying God. I enjoyed it.

on 04.14.10 Mary (She Says) commented

Jackie - you are so right when you say you PURPOSELY plan in time to do the important stuff: relationships ... even exercise! For me, I struggle with not letting things butt into that ... especially things others urge me to do instead of what I've purposed to do. I've really got to work on this "people pleasing" thing!!! Thanks for taking time to drop us a comment. It means alot.