Inside Out 315: The Farm as a Place to Teach about Death

05.28.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Writer Christiana N. Peterson and her husband are teaching their children that death is actually a natural part of life. She’s the author of the blog post, “How Farm Life Taught Our Kids About Death."

“I think it’s probably unique that in the last few generations that we tried to shield our children from that part of life,” Peterson says. “So I think the challenge for us has to not be too overprotective with them, and to let them experience things that a lot of children used to experience but don’t really anymore.”

Peterson doesn’t say it’s easy, but she’s finding that farm life is giving her family memorable teaching opportunities.

“I think that if we get a picture of grief alongside the knowledge that death is not the end and that death has been conquered and the fear of death has been conquered, that perhaps we can have a more Christ-like view of death.”

Join us to hear our 12-minute conversation about geese, children’s books, and the challenge to look straight-on at death. Just click on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above.

You can also read her her.meneutics blog post “How Farm Life Taught Our Kids About Death."


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