Inside Out 302: 10 Days Without

02.05.14 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Okay folks, when we flipped our calendars to February we must have known that it was time—time to take stock of the resolutions we made for this new year.

How are you doing? If your goals included living out your faith in Jesus more fully, are you finding it difficult to move from intention to action? A lot of us do. That’s because, I think, we have a vision of feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, and working to end human trafficking—all in the name of Jesus--but we don’t know how to get from here to there.

Daniel Ryan Day can relate. Because he wanted his faith to both transform his life and contribute to the transformation of the world, he engaged in a number of life experiments that he captures in his book 10 Days Without: Daring Adventures in Discomfort that Will Change Your World and You.

Daniel began by living for ten days without his shoes. He wanted to better understand the difficulties and diseases that threaten people whose feet are always bare. While he was gaining understanding, he was also contributing toward a solution: he raised money to purchase shoes for children in Honduras. He adapted this experiment in multiple ways, helping--among others--those who are trafficked, live in poverty, or have no homes.

“I think ‘going without’ leads us to life-change because we live in a culture of ‘with,’” Daniel says. “We live in a culture where bigger is better, and more is merrier, ‘wealthiness’ is next to Godliness. You know, money, comfort and possessions aren’t bad things, but they can distract us from making a difference in the world.”

Going ten days without changed Daniel, he says. Living these experiments also changed little pieces of the world--by contributing shoes or coats or wheelchairs (and more) to those who needed them. But the bottom line for Daniel Ryan Day is that through the experience of going “without” he was able to share with others the on-going transformation in his life that comes through Jesus--and in that process not only introduce others to God, but also give God glory.

Click on the LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD icon above to hear the full conversation with Daniel Ryan Day. It’s an invitation into an experiment that just might help you with that resolution for 2014, and could possibly help change the world.

You can also read more about Daniel Ryan Day and his book.


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