Inside Out 260: Obedience in Chastity

11.21.12 | Martha Manikas-Foster

God calls us, while we’re single, to a life of chastity.

This is a difficult call.

“Is that going to be something that turns us into bitter, resentful people, or does that draw us closer to God and into a more intimate, trusting relationship with Him?” asks Inside Out guest Anna Broadway in today’s recorded interview (click on Listen button above to hear the conversation).

Relationship with God is the foundation of obedience. And obedience is what it comes down to when we talk about following God during those times when everything in us screams for us to go another direction.

The church often makes the case to single people that the reward for waiting for sex will be worth the difficulties in the waiting. When we do that, Anna says, we frame the discipline of waiting less in terms of obeying the loving God who cares about when and with whom we have sex, and more in terms that sound an awful lot like bartering. 

If you wait before having sex, then God will bring you a spouse.

If you learn to lean on God instead of a potential mate, then God will provide Mr. or Miss Right.

If you wait--it goes on--then sex will actually be better because you obeyed.

Bartering isn’t obedience. And it isn’t even an adequate substitute. If we’re looking only for what we will get out of “deal” with God, we’re less likely to muster the strength to sustain a commitment to chastity.

But don’t believe me.  Anna has the platform here.  She’s the author of the 2008 book Sexless in the City as well as numerous on-line and print articles. Her September 2012 Christianity Today her.meneutics blog post is titled: “True Love Obeys: Why We Abstain from Premarital Sex.” Click here to read the blog post:

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