Inside Out 223: Prayer and Singles

10.26.11 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Many singles want to be married. Many Christian singles who want to be married spend a lot of time talking with God about this.

Today’s Inside Out interview is about those conversations with God.

“I think you really have to hang in there with God,” says today’s guest Anna Broadway. “Don’t give up on Him just because things have not worked out--let the dissatisfaction and frustration drive you into a deeper engagement with Him.

“Wrestle through those questions—don’t be afraid to say: ‘I’m not happy with this’ and to, in an appropriate way, really work through that, even if it doesn’t get resolved in one session of prayer—probably it won’t. But keep going back to Him, because I think if you really open up those desires of your heart and invite Him more deeply into your life---I meant, it’s not like your thoughts are  a surprise to Him. He knows how you’re thinking and feeling.  He ‘gets that’ much better than you yourself do. But, invite Him into that. And it has always been my experience that there is a really rich intimacy that is possible and that develops over time.”

Listen in---and comment on—this conversation with Broadway. She’s the author of the September 2011 Christianity Today her.meneutics blog post “Why I No Longer Pray for a Husband,” and the 2008 book Sexless in the City, as well as numerous on-line and print articles.

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