Inside Out- A New Money Mindset

01.20.16 | Martha Manikas-Foster

Every year we make New Year’s resolutions about money. We often think that if we just earn a little more we'll finally have mastery over our financial difficulties.

But making more money or budgeting more diligently won’t, by themselves, solve our financial problems, according to a leading Christian financial planner.

“There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with wanting to make more money,” says Brad Hewitt, today’s guest on Inside Out. “The interesting thing is, is that if you actually start with that assumption, all the evidence says it doesn’t work because what happens is we adjust our spending to be equal to or more than our income.”

Hewitt is the CEO of the financial services provider Thrivent Financial, and co-author of the new book Your New Money Mindset: Create a Healthy Relationship with Money.

According to Hewitt, the real solution has less to do with income and more to do with intention.

“You have to start with your heart, and not with your habits, not with the mechanics of money management, not even with money knowledge,” he says. “If you don’t start with your heart, it’s really hard to make that equation work.”

That sentiment may be borne out in the 2015 Money Mindset Report issued by Thrivent Financial in October, where only 27 percent of Christians feel very confident that they are making the right money decisions.

But how do we even begin? Listen in to my 11-minute conversation with Brad Hewitt by clicking on the LISTEN or DOWNLOAD icon above. We talk about developing a healthy relationship with money, one that follows Jesus’ call to be generous even while recognizing that we’ll likely trip up and give in to materialism along the way.

“All of us fail,” Hewitt says, even as he encourages everyone to take a step forward. “Start today. A heart-healthy money lifestyle is possible. And take God up on the challenge of living generously, and you will be surprised.”

Hewitt and his co-author James Moline provide a free assessment tool to help people begin the journey toward a healthy relationship with money.

Learn more about the book, Your New Money Mindset: Create a Healthy Relationship with Money.


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