33 Miles & Todd Agnew In Studio

33 Miles in the Family Life Studio33 Miles and Todd Agnew are in the middle of a three night Family Life tour.  They joined Terese Main in the Family Life studio to share what's new in their lives, and what listeners can expect if they come to one of the shows.  Chris Lockwood and Jason Barton (33 Miles) performed "Arms that Hold the Universe" and "Thank You" live and discuss what it means to live for God, on this side of Heaven.  Todd Agnew shared a new song from his upcoming CD, "How to Be Loved," in stores 3/6/12 and talked about the blessings he's learned to accept with life as a husband and a dad of two step-children.  Tickets  to the remaining concerts are $18 at the door.  Visit the events calendar at www.fln.org for directions to the venues. 


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