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Praise! Fellowship
315 Route 62N
Russell, PA 16345

What are we all about?
Well, we're glad you asked! We are a group of singles of all ages, some never married, some divorced, some widowed, some dating - some come from our church, some from other churches, or are searching for a church they can call home. This is a safe place for people to come and develop healthy, Godly friendships. We respect each other's denominational differences and affiliations. We love the Lord and want to share the JOY of JESUS with others. For such a time as this, God has appointed us to singleness and we are determined to make the most of this time in our lives. We are a unique group who love to encourage and serve each other and just have fun!!

We strive to create an atmosphere of respectful, courteous Christian fellowship in which the conduct and character of Christ are emphasized among participants. The expectation of Christ-like behavior extends into the areas of language an clothing for all singles at every event. WE do not exist to be a dating service for single adults.

We do lots of different activities, some indoors, some outdoors, some high-energy and some relaxing. There's something for everyone. Sometimes we get together with other singles groups and do events with them. That way we get to make lots more friends.

Children are invited to many of our activities. In fact, a lot of times they make it more fun!

It's a good thing! It's a GOD THING!

We would be delighted to have you join us. We have too much fun to keep to ourselves.

Robin Reed


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