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Bio2NatalieNatalie Thomas was raised in church and answered the call to be baptized at an early age. During her teen years she began to question God and fell away. She spent the next ten years studying, seeking, trying to find the answers to the questions that seemed to continue to plague her. 

In 1998 she had a "crisis of belief" that led her to understand that though she had understood Jesus to be her Savior, she had not allowed Him to be Lord in her life. Life change occured when she gave Him her life and committed to using her talents for His purposes. Natalie has been in radio since 1984 and has experienced every aspect of the business from on-air to behind the scenes.

In early 2003 Natalie's marriage of almost twelve years ended in divorce. She lost her husband, her home, her oldest child (he was her husband's from his first marriage), and her job. What began as the darkest year of her life ended in blessings only God could have orchestrated. A series of events that placed her in Tupelo Mississippi, home of American Family Radio. She was hired by them in the production department writing, directing and producing radio spots and doing voice work. She eventually came to be an on-air personality for their Inspirational network. It was a total "Faith Walk" for her and her three kids moving 300+ miles from anyone they knew or were related to. She learned what it meant to consecrate herself to the Lord. He alone was her provision and sustenance during that time.

It was there that Natalie met her current husband, Ed Thomas. Ed was a great friend who became like a 'nuther brother' to her. Then one day he suddenly saw her with different eyes and they began to seek the Lord in what this meant for their relationship. We both wanted to make sure this was a "God thing" and not just a 'good thing'. Long story short, they were married on August 5. 2006!

They relocated to upstate NY in October 2008 to work for Family Life where Natalie continues to be humbled and honored to be allowed to use the gifts He has given for His purposes. She says, "I am working for a ministry in whose mission I believe, doing work I love, and in a marriage covenant with a man who shows me daily what it means to be cherished."

Natalie speaks on the following topics:

Life lessons from a single mom's perspective
Purity when you're single again
Holding it together while it seems everything is falling apart
Where Provision Really Comes From
Resting in Him
Lessons in the Wilderness
The Lesson in Leah

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