Michelle Benincasa

Singles Speaker

Michelle Benincasa Michelle (Morehouse) Benincasa was part of SALSA's founding Michelle Benincasaleadership team and currently is part of the Family Life Single Source Leadership Training team and Annual Singles Conference team. For 12 years Michelle was a single mom raising 2 sons. Michelle was ordained by her home church in 2003 and has ministered in the US, UK, and South Africa. She was the International Coordinator for a small ministry in South Africa for 5 years, living there 7 months . In 2005 she remarried and is continually blessed to be Richard’s wife. She’s a mom, step-mom, and grandmom in a blended family and now lives outside of Bath, NY. Michelle is an exhorter and storyteller. She is a student and a teacher.

“I was born-again in April 1992, and the adventure began! My journey of seeking to know God; seeking to be conformed to the image of Jesus; seeking to live life in the will and power of the Holy Spirit, has taken me across the world and back. Father has taken me to the pulpits and the poor, the young and the old, to the healed and the broken. I’ve been lifted up and redeemed, broken and poured out. I am a student of the Word and committed follower of Jesus trying to live out what He teaches me. I’m in love with God and long to walk out what He teaches me with praise to the glory of His grace and love.”

Past topical presentations have included:
Developing Healthy Relationships; Total Commitment; Finding Contentment; Dating Jesus; Dancing with God; Single Parenting as Christians; The Blueprint for ‘Mr & Mrs Right’; What does God ask?; Mission-Minded; The Body of Christ; Sexual Purity; Created Male & Female (Honoring Each Other as Brothers & Sisters); Leadership- the Call, the Gift & the Responsibility; Developing a Quality Team; Listening to God; Suffering Well… When Life is Hard; So You Want to Get Married; From Stuck to Soaring Free; Risk-taking for the Dream Giver

"If you're into formulas, checklists and fill-in-the-blank type presentations, you might want to skip Michelle's session. But if you want to be challenged and inspired by transparent words of Life, spoken from a wise and humble heart, you might just want to check her out...”
Nancy Carmichael, Eastern Hills Wesleyan Church

"I attended a Single Source Leadership Training event in January 2014. After hearing Michelle speak during my first workshop, I changed my schedule to be present in her second workshop. Michelle's experience in both the church world and the marketplace shines through during her engaging presentations. Her talks are informative and full of fascinating, real world anecdotes. Michelle's humble attitude make her a fantastic teacher and presenter."  
Matt Bash, Tri County Church

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