Kathryn Crosby Sackett

Kathy SackettKathy Sackett was born in Saskatchewan, and moved to Waverly, New York, when she was six years old. She enjoyed a lovely childhood if you don’t count being surrounded by four teasing brothers! At seventeen, Kathy became an American citizen, and she takes that responsibility seriously.

Kathy was blessed to attend Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York, for undergraduate studies in English and the University of Iowa for graduate studies in communication.  Her career in higher education has included positions in public relations, academic management, counseling, and teaching. In the secular arena, Kathy gives seminars on effective communication skills, career management, and topics in higher education.

For over thirty years, she has had the privilege of speaking at chapel programs, commencements, Christmas teas, church services, ladies’ luncheons, mother-daughter banquets, retreats, singles’ seminars, Valentine dinners, women’s conferences, youth events and more!  Whether the group size is 20 or 2,000, Kathy loves sharing God’s goodness and Biblical principles with people. This is all because a childhood friend courageously kept telling Kathy that God loved her and had a plan for her life.  The truth of those words finally broke through to her heart and she is eternally grateful!

God has also opened doors in ways Kathy never imagined and used her to teach beginning sign language from a worship arts perspective to children and adults and to direct sign language choirs.

She has a passion for singles’ ministry in particular, having served on the Leadership Committee of Greater Rochester Christian Singles for many years, then relocating and serving on the Leadership Team of Family Life Network’s SALSA, Salt and Light Single Adults.

The story of Kathy marrying at 42 is one of God’s faithfulness. She resides in Erin, New York, with her husband Brian and Sunny, a precious seven-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. They are members of a new church planting, Elmira Foursquare Church, where Kathy volunteers as the administrative assistant, ministers in sign language, and teaches Bible studies.

Contact Information: (607) 739-2713 or

References: Jim Carl, Former Director of Adult Ministries at Family Life - (607) 329-3950 or ; Rev. Jay Erickson, Senior Pastor at Elmira Foursquare Church - (607) 426-1835 or ; Nan Walsh, Former Director of Central New York Wesleyan Women’s Retreats - (607) 738-6393 or