Youth Resourcing

Pastors, Youth Leaders, and Youth Volunteers,

For the past year, Family Life has been sending out Youth Resource Connections - a monthly newsletter featuring upcoming youth events in the Family Life listening area, an editorial letter, and various other resources.

Family Life understands that the needs of the church are constantly changing.  In order to serve you better, last month we asked for feedback on how helpful this resource was for you. Due to the response to that request, we have decided not to continue Youth Resource Connections. The growing number of local youth leaders and pastors that are now networking and sharing more events within their area is exciting!  However, this also has shown us that our BREAK Youth Resources website is no longer needed. We sincerely hope that if you are not connected to a local group of youth leaders who meet regularly, that you will find a group in your area or we encourage you to start one.

We wish to thank those who sent in events and shared resources.  If you feel that you still need an avenue for advertising your event, please go to Family Life's Community calendar page (click here) and submit your event information for a free Public Service Announcement (PSA). A PSA provides a free 20 sec on air advertising of your event,  as well as displays it on our online community calendar.

There are many national youth resource organizations and I encourage you to check them out.  Simply Youth MinistryNational Network of Youth LeadersYouth Ministry 360, and Download Youth Ministry to name a few.

As Family Life's portion of Youth Resourcing comes to a close, I once again urge you to be in community with fellow youth leaders. People are the body of Christ, (His hands and feet) and nothing will be more encouraging to you as a youth leader, and more powerful to your ministry as a whole, than being in fellowship with fellow laborers in your local community.

I pray God richly blesses your ministry,

Katie Bernier
BREAK Editor