Book Reviews

The Bridge - A Novel by Karen Kingsbury

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Cozy Christmas Wishes The Bridge tells the story of Charlie and Donna Barton and the bookstore they’ve run in Franklin, Tennessee for thirty years.  It also tells the story of young love between two music students, Ryan and Molly, who ...

A Merry Little Christmas - A Novel by Anita Higman

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Anything Can Happen at Christmastime… After her parents died in an accident, Franny put the Oklahoma farm up for sale.  For twelve years, she has leased the crop land and continued to tend her animals and dream of moving to the city to ...

Two Books Based on the Film Unconditional

11.09.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[1]

Because it tells such an inspirational story of a man and his ministry, I would be inclined to make this a movie I’ll watch.

Desiring God

11.07.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

“The overriding concern of this book is that in all of life God be glorified the way He Himself has appointed. To that end this book aims to persuade you that The chief end of man if to glorify God by enjoying Him ...

Where The Trail Ends by Melanie Dobson

11.02.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

While I’ve personally read more than a few books centered around wagon trains headed west, it was refreshing to discover details I hadn’t encountered before.

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

10.26.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Kudos to Sarah Sundin for crafting such an absorbing and educational story.

The Breakthrough by Jerry B. Jenkins

10.19.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

This was fortunately not one of those suspense stories that makes you afraid to turn out the light at night.

Reunion by Lauraine Snelling

10.12.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Reunion is a story about people and secrets past and present.

Song of the Brokenhearted by Sheila Walsh & Cindy Martinusen Coloma

10.05.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

While in no way a biography, this story portrays accurate reactions and emotions in an endearing manner.

Josiah for President by Martha Bolton

09.28.12 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

I was intrigued by the idea of Josiah for President, and knowing it was written by the humorous Martha Bolton only added to my anticipation! I wasn’t disappointed.