Book Reviews

A Promise in Pieces

10.16.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Fifty years ago, Clara cared for injured World War II soldiers as a member of the Women’s Air Corps. While serving, she promised a dying soldier she would personally take a message to his bride in the US when she returned.


09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Kate Marshall’s life was turned upside-down when her husband and 4-year-old son didn’t return from their fishing trip.

In Perfect Time

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Throughout the war, Kay Jobson has gained a reputation as a good time girl.

All My Belongings

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

What does it take to belong?

An Immoral Proposal

09.23.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

An autobiographical story of a poor girl in South Africa under Apartheid.

A Season of Change

06.05.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

In a time when “Amish fiction” has become so popular, A Season of Change manages to be vastly different from any other stories I have read.

Where the Wind Leads

05.09.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

I grew up during the Vietnam War. We heard of terrible things, of young men killed, of anti-war demonstrations, but we did not hear the story as told by a Vietnamese family.

A Road Unknown

04.10.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Elizabeth is tired of constantly helping to care for her younger siblings and wants to lead her own life.

Galmorous Illusions

03.12.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Miss Brenda and the Loveladies

02.20.14 | Trudi Cook | Comments[0]

Brenda Lovelady Spahn was a successful businesswoman in Birmingham, Alabama, but an unexpected brush with the law opened her eyes to a need.