Bible Quizzing

What is it?

Family Life Bible Quizzing is a fun and unique way to learn more about  God through His word. It’s also a very cool way to make new friends! Quizzers range from 11-19 years old, however, kids as young as 9 may still be eligible to participate.

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Why Quizzing?

Spiritual Knowledge: The Bible is a window into the mind of God. Teens who know the Word well have a better understanding of Godly thinking, which influences behavior, character and values.

Protection: Knowing the Word of God positions a believer to be more easily led by The Holy Spirit, and less influenced by the pull of sin.

Fellowship: The program also puts teens around Christian peers and mentors, strengthening their social circles with Godly people. That's very important!


Ramada Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN.
April 23-26, 2014. Approx fee: $400/person

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Material Breakdown

Download the 2013-2014 material breakdown and schedule.

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