Program Changes

08.14.13 | Rick Snavely

In an ongoing effort to be as effective and productive with what the Lord has blessed the ministry with, Family Life has made some recent decisions in changing its overall ministry programming philosophy. While Family Life seeks to minister to as many people as possible, the organization understands that it cannot fiscally provide events or outreaches for every segment of the population. Family Life has determined three areas in which the ministry can effectively serve the local church, individuals, and families by providing unique resources. Those areas are radio, performing arts, and Biblical counseling.

As Family Life focuses on these three areas of ministry, a number of programs that have been associated with the organization for years are being scaled back or eliminated. Much of the youth outreach will now be focused with the Performing Arts department and a few specialized summer camps. Rollerskating, both for teens and families, will no longer take place at Family Life headquarters. And major youth outings such as Splash Lagoon and concerts have been removed from Family Life's programming calendar. The two full-time youth staff members have been given other responsibilities within the organization that not only fit their skill-sets but also their passions.

If there's one thing that Family Life has been known for over the years is that we seek to never rest upon the past, but rather always look for ways in which the ministry can be the most effective and productive. As churches and other Christian organizations specialize in certain areas of ministering to people, it is our desire to follow the Lord's leading in focusing on areas that can provide the most help while utilizing the tools and talent that the Lord has given to this ministry. We are excited about the future and what God has in store for us!