Healing Journey Groups

08.31.12 | Darcie Schwarz

Find a Healing Journey Group near you. Many groups begin in September and involve Christians seeking healing for a number of different reasons.

loveHave you ever thought about God’s desire to give his children abundant life? (John 10:9-11) Certainly sounds appealing, but what does it mean, and how do we receive it?

The “abundant life” is found in a deep and satisfying connection with the Spirit of God. It’s exponentially more than performing your spiritual duties each day. It doesn’t hinge on good discipline, answered prayer, or the comfort of settled circumstances – though these things can help.

What we’ve found, through many years of counseling Christians at Family Life, is that living a full Christian life is hindered not so much by a lack of spiritual discipline, but by brokenness.

We’ve all been hurt and scarred by sin, and the road to healing leaves many people without recourse. Families are left confused, and often times, without hope.

A couple years back, Focus Counseling connected with His Healing Light Ministries out of Colorado Springs. His Healing Light was founded several years ago by Kari Haj-Hussein and Cyndy Sherwood, two wonderful Christians who have since developed The Healing Journey - a powerful and in-depth study curriculum for healing the mind, heart and emotions with bible-based truth. The classes are for both men and women.

FOCUS began holding classes in Bath and Corning, and after some time, the response from students became overwhelming. Miraculously, people were being healed in ways only God could accomplish, and those having been Christians all their lives were discovering new freedom in Jesus. After teaching the curriculum a few times, counselors began strongly encouraging every Christian to consider the program, whether they were struggling with serious problems, minor issues, or what they felt was nothing at all.

"No matter what life has taken you through, this class has so many benefits," says Barb Short, FOCUS counselor. "Maybe you’ve lived the model Christian life with no major problems, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be surprised how God can use the Healing Journey to heal places you never knew were broken. People coming out of these classes tell us how much richer and deeper their walk with Christ is becoming. It's amazing."

Of the people most affected by the program, some felt led to start classes themselves, and were trained last year and some the year before. Now classes are springing up all over Family Life’s listening area. Only God could orchestrate these results!  Needless to say, we are REALLY EXCITED about 2012.

Tentatively this September, Healing Journey Groups will be offered in Corning, Bath, Avoca, Newfield, Auburn, Cortland, Jamestown, Buffalo, Scranton and Dubois. Each group is 29 weeks and meets once a week. Small groups break down to sizes no larger than seven or eight students. Find a Healing Journey Group near you.

If you have questions, please contact our FOCUS counselors. They would love to tell you more.

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