Be A Volunteer

11.01.12 | Darcie Schwarz

Donate time and energy to a worthwhile activity, and we promise, your heart will feel great about serving!

The Four Tickets to Christmas dinner theatres are coming up this November and December, and we urge those interested in volunteering to sign up soon. We need ticket checkers, greeters/seaters, beverage servers and table clearers.

These are traveling dinner theatres, which means the shows are in different locations. If you live in or near one of these cities, would you consider lending a hand? Below are up-to-date numbers for each show location. Please contact Debbie Fero if you’re interested in volunteering and being involved in the Lord's plan for these musicals!

Hamburg, Dec 6-8, Michael's

Volunteers needed: 16 in total


Bath, Dec 13-16, Family Life

Volunteers needed: 17 in total

*We need a significant amount of kitchen volunteers for these particular dinner theaters. Please pray about serving in Bath. It's a BIG need. Family Life is looking for hands to help with food prep, buffet line, and clean-up.