Audio Seminar

01.05.13 | Darcie Schwarz

audioseminarHave you ever been here? There’s a particularly good sermon being preached. The congregation is engaged this morning. The pastor’s on fire. And you’re unusually focused. God is speaking to the church and the church is listening. It's a good service!

BUUUUZ… CRAAACK… WAAAAAH. Annoying mic interference breaks through the sound system and you sense the person to your left cringe at the screech. What’s wrong with the pastor’s microphone now?  He motions for the audio tech. A temporary break follows. The pastor has lost precious attention and the listeners are annoyed.

How many times have you witnessed this awkward experience – too many?  Poor equipment aside, another primary reason causing this situation is inexperienced sound volunteers. Even the most capable volunteers need training to function proficiently inside a sound booth. You don’t have to be sound engineer to do the job well, but the operator must have basic audio skills and mixing techniques.

Family Life is hosting an audio seminar on Saturday, Feb 16 specifically designed to improve church sound. The seminar is fun, interactive and provides hands-on training for your sound and worship teams. Learn the secrets to better church sound and protect the ears of God’s people! Click for seminar info.