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CHAP and LEAH Homeschool Conferences

Family Life will be participating in two homeschool conferences this May - CHAP in Harrisburg, PA and LEAH in Rochester, NY. Held at large convention centers, both events attract thousands of people over the course of the weekend. Each conference features nationally recognized speakers, workshops, and opportunities to meet with experienced home educators. There are also hundreds of items and services available to peruse from homeschool and other Christian vendors. Come be supported and encouraged during your homeschooling journey!

CHAP Convention, May 9-10

LEAH Conference, May 29-31

Healing Journey Boot Camp, May 16-19

The Healing Journey Boot Camp is a 4-day intensive training program that prepares people, both men and women, to become leaders and facilitators of The Healing Journey Class - an in-depth study curriculum for healing the mind, heart and emotions with bible-based truth. The class helps people heal from a variety of issues and difficulties including abuse, abortion, addictions, divorce, death and more.

This year's Boot Camp is invitation-only. However, if you're interested in helping others heal, and finding healing yourself, please contact our Biblical Counselors for more information about The Healing Journey.

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