Your Feelings And What God Says About Them

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Your Feelings and What God Says About Them

By Julie Chapus

Book Review by Trudi Cook


I think we can all remember that the tween and teen years involve a lot of emotions!  Julie Chapus has undertaken to write a book for those years, helping them to understand what God says about those feelings.  She’s taken an extensive list of topics, some of them emotions and a few topics that cause emotions, and written a short devotional-style commentary for each one, including a description, a connected Bible story, a prayer and verses that could be helpful to one in that particular situation. 

A child/adolescent can find the appropriate chapter in the table of contents to help with their current situation, or this could be used as a devotional/bedtime story with a parent.  Reading this book with a parent and child would probably lead to some good discussions.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for my honest review.


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