Walk with me

12.01.08 | Debbie Fero | Comments[0]

BioDebbieFIn his book "Cure for the Common Life", Max Lucado says this: "Before traveling.... you consider the demands of the journey and pack accordingly. Cold weather? Bring a jacket. Business meeting? Carry the laptop. Time with grandchildren? Better take some sneakers and pain medication."

Today, I start my venture into the world of blogging. Want to come along? I'm not sure what lies ahead but I know the One who does. I also know that, despite the fact that I feel very ill-equipped for this cyberspace journey, He's got my bags packed. Hmmmm maybe a pinch of creativity, a sense of adventure and a little bit of that pain medication might not be a bad idea :)

Where will this journey take us? I'm not sure. Max Lucado tells another story of a little boy who fell out of bed. When his mom asked him what happened, he answered, "I don't know, I guess I stayed too close to where I got in." My experience with Jesus has shown me that when you take His hand and ernestly walk with Him, it's impossible to stay where you were when you started. Walk with me and together we'll go places beyond our imagination.

Debbie Fero is Event Coordinator for Family Life's Adult Ministries


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