The House That Love Built

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook |


The House That Love Built, a novel by Beth Wiseman

                                               Book Review by Trudi Cook

                                               Forgiveness sets you free…


In the small town of Smithville, Texas, Brooke Holloway believes she is doing okay since the death of her beloved husband two years earlier.   She’s raising her two young children and running the family hardware store.  Owen Saunders moves to Smithville and buys the old Hadley mansion for one reason – to spite his cheating ex-wife who always wanted to restore an old house in Smithville.  Unknown to Owen, the house holds an old legend that brings Owen and Brooke together, as they seek to prove or disprove it. 

The HouseThat Love Built tells the story of forgiveness and being released from the chains of a painful past.  Both Owen and Brooke are chained to the past by their inability to forgive people who have hurt them.  Brooke can’t forgive her unfaithful  father who left his family years before while Owen can’t forgive his ex-wife who ironically is now pregnant after refusing Owen the child he always wanted.  Both of them must come to the realization that lack of forgiveness is only chaining them to the past, now punishing the object of their hurt.  Other people in their lives support the theme in various ways. 

I found The House That Love Built to be a heartwarming story, with unexpected twists that made the book hard to put down.  I’ll look forward to reading other books by Beth Wiseman, who is obviously a good story teller!  A reading guide will help to make this and excellent choice for reading groups. 



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