The Dance A Novel by Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley

02.07.13 | Trudi Cook |

The Restoration Series - When The Image Crumbles

Everyone looking on would call theirs the perfect marriage.  Jim is a successful businessman, Marilyn is the perfect wife.  They live in a large and beautiful house in an excellent neighborhood, and attend the right church, where Jim is a deacon.  Their oldest son is married with a young family, daughter Michele is in college and planning her wedding, and Doug, the youngest, is in high school.  Everything seems to be running smoothly until Jim comes home from work one day to find an empty house, the laundry unsorted, and no meal cooking. He’s in total shock when he finds out that Marilyn has left.

The Dance tells the story of what may too frequently be under the surface in even a Christian marriage…a home where everyone is busy doing their own thing, but communication isn’t happening and hasn’t for some time.  When Marilyn knows she can’t go on any longer with the situation, she leaves…but she still faces the decision – is this temporary or permanent? 

Thankfully, Jim and Marilyn do have a foundation of faith, and the story shows how individuals can change, relationships can be mended and even become better than before.

I enjoyed reading The Dance.  It’s encouraging to read a story of how an unhappy marriage can be restored, and the lessons shared will benefit anyone in a relationship.  There are also warnings – no matter how strong you believe you are, the enemy is prowling, and what seems harmless could actually be the first step down the wrong road.  I’d recommend this book as a learning tool as well as a satisfying few hours of reading.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Christian Fiction Copyright 2013 (release date 4/1/2013)   ISBN 978-0-8007-2148-0


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