Tales of the Defended Ones

05.31.13 | Trudi Cook |


Tales of the Defended Ones, by Beth Guckenberger

Non fiction

Book Review by Trudi Cook

 “Warning: These stories may change the way you see the world.”


Do you have a heart for the hurting children of the world?  Do you want to pass that heart along to your children?  Beth Guckenberger has written a book to help you do that.  Tales of the Defended Ones tells true stories of children around the world – and how our Defender God rescued them from poverty,  hunger, slavery, and other terrible situations. 

Written in language that is not offensive to a child’s ears, these true accounts will touch hearts and give ideas of small things even a child can do to help the plight of suffering children around the world.   And hopefully, these stories will change a child’s life somewhere by impacting yours!

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Standard Publishing, Copyright 2013ISBN 978-0-7847-3697-5


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