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12.10.08 | Debbie Fero | Comments[2]

BioDebbieFAh... the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke, we've all read it, most of us could probably recite it, but did you ever want to "walk in it"? You know what I mean, be one of the characters. How would you see Jesus if you could take a step in? Would you see a son who can take over the family carpentry business? A Shepherd looking for lost sheep? Or maybe a King who is worthy of great gifts! I think for me, I would see a baby, a child, maybe even a teenager.

One of my favorite verses in that story is Chapter 2 verse 19. It reads, "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." I can picture Mary holding her baby close, counting his fingers and toes, watching him sleep and kissing his head. Being a mom myself, I've done my own share of "treasuring and pondering." And yet, it's not quite the same is it? When I think about Mary, I wonder......

When his hand was folded into hers..... did she ever think about how that hand formed the mountains?

When he spoke his first words..... did she ponder him speaking the world into existence?

When she brushed the hair out of his face.... did she realize that he had counted every one?

When he brought home a frog or turtle or lizard.... did she marvel at his creativity?

When he splashed in a mud puddle.... did she ever ask him about a big boat with lots of animals?

When he worked with Joseph in the carpentry shop..... did she cringe at the sound of the hammer as it hit the nail?

Moms love the memories they share with their children. And yes, I can relate to Mary when I read about the Christmas story. But, can we look at Christmas, without looking at the reason for the season? Without looking at the love and passion that compelled a King to leave His kingdom and humble Himself to such a lowly place? We cannot look at Christmas without seeing the shadow of the cross.

This clip from the movie "The Passion of the Christ" gives us another picture of this mom. Not the Mary in the manger, but the Mary who had treasured memories in her heart and whose heart was broken at the foot of the cross. Take a look....

Clip Passion of the Christ from Family Life on Vimeo.

The mother of that baby in a Bethlehem cave, the Galilean's mother, saw Jesus in her own special way.


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on 12.10.08 John Carter commented

Very good. I agree, my mom from the beginning was the one who made me believe love was something rare and real in the world we live in.

on 01.04.09 Tammy Rude commented

I have a son and I can't even begin to imagine the heartache.

Great post,I enjoyed reading your thoughts and wonders.