Strong and Stubborn - A Novel by Kelly Eileen Hake

12.16.12 | Trudi Cook |

Husbands For Hire Series - The Happy Ending

When the silver mine of Hope Falls, Colorado collapsed, owner Braden was injured and the investors lost their money.  Braden’s fiancé and her sister, together with Braden’s sister and cousin, traveled to Hope Falls with the intent to start a sawmill to recoup their financial losses and look after Braden.  Knowing that they would need men they could trust to work the sawmill, they advertised for three “God fearing men” for marriage and joint ownership of the mill.  As Strong and Stubborn opens, Naomi is the last available bride, and she’d prefer to marry for love, not settle for suitability. 

Michael Strode is a widower seeking work and a fresh start with his young son.  Michael arrives in Hope Falls just as another “accident” happens in the mine, which reveals that the collapses were not accidents but deliberate.

The people of this series are by turns amusing and admirable, and sometimes just plain annoying.  Each of the main characters mature spiritually through the hard times in a believable way. 

I enjoyed reading Strong and Stubborn.  The mystery of the mine collapse was finally solved with the responsible individuals remaining unknown till the end of the story, and Naomi’s unhappy past is buried as she looks forward to a happier future. 

Although there are many series in which individual books are great “stand alone” stories, I believe you would do yourself a disservice to skip the first two books of “Husbands for Hire.”  Together they tell a complete and enjoyable story of lives and hard work as the West was settled.

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.)

Christian Fiction, Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-1-60260-762-0


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