Queen of the Waves - A Novel by Janice Thompson

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Part of “An American Tapestry” collection - A Taste of Titanic History

At first glance, the plot of Queen of the Waves appeared to fit a predictable scenario:  wealthy Industrialist plans a business merger and arranges a marriage between his new partner Roland and his daughter Jacquie.  But there the expected outline changes, as everyone involved has their own plan.  Jacquie’s mother, herself in an arranged marriage, wants something better for her daughter, and secretly makes plans for her to travel on the Titanic to live with her grandmother in New York.  Jacquie, who’s in love with Peter, the groundskeeper, plans that he will travel with her to America. 

But Peter, a loyal British subject, has no desire to move to America; he sees the trip as an escape for his sister Tessa, who is constantly abused by their drunken father.  When the great ship sails, it’s Tessa who occupies the fabulous stateroom, in company with Iris, Jacquie’s maid, who longs to be recognized as a dress designer in the new world.

As the book began, I found it a little confusing, as the reader is introduced to a variety of people with no clear connection to each other.  As the story developed, however, those background stories helped to set the stage for the main characters –those who boarded the Titanic and those on both sides of the ocean who loved them.  Tension built as the story progressed, as the end of the Titanic is known, but not of the many personalities on board.

Although the story seemed to start slowly, that quickly passed, as I was caught up in the wealth of detail provided on the wonder that was Titanic, and what it was like to sail on her.  I rejoiced with Tessa when she learned of a loving Heavenly Father, I shed tears as families were separated and women hastily hugged their husbands goodbye.  I appreciated the ending, which was believable and if not quite “fairy tale”, was certainly satisfactory. 

Queen of the Waves fulfilled its purpose as part of the American Tapestry collection, as it was quite educational about the historic event and also provided hours of reading pleasure.

(I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.)

Christian Fiction, Copyright  2012, ISBN 978-1-60936-686-5


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on 12.23.12 Janice Thompson commented

I'm so glad you enjoyed Tessa's story! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. :)