Praying for Heartburn

09.22.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[0]

July 14 was our departure date for the Holy Land Pilgrimage. God's plan for this trip was becoming a reality and I had much to do leading up to that day.

One of the first things I did was ask for prayer. Yes I was excited, my dream was coming true, but it was July in Israel and the flight was long. I've never been a person who deals well with the heat and I get very restless on airplanes and find it almost impossible to sleep. I asked friends and loved ones to lift these concerns up in prayer.

Then I started on my lists. I had a list of things to do, a list of things to buy and finally a list of what to pack.

A week before I left, I sent a prayer letter out to my supporters. As I sat at my computer this is what I wrote:

"My trip to the Holy Land is only a week away and as my fingers touch keys and words fall onto paper, God is already changing my heart. Last month I asked you to pray for my comfort during the long flights and hot days. This morning the Father put a new prayer on my lips, one with a completely different focus. He showed me a picture of His Son. Jesus entering into humanity. The King of kings whose majesty was laid down in humility. If there was a conversation between Father and Son before His trip to earth, I can imagine that it had more to do with the love of people than the comfort of God. There was nothing about the cross that was comfortable.

As my days in Israel pass, please pray. Not for my comfort, but for some serious heartburn and some intensive heart surgery. Pray that my heart would burn with a new passion just like the hearts of the disciples were burning in Luke 24:32. Pray that as the Scriptures come alive, my heart would burst with a new love for the One who gave up His comfort because He loves me!"

Now I was ready to get on that plane. Seven days and counting down!


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