On the Third Day.....

11.13.10 | Debbie Fero | Comments[1]

We awoke on Sunday in the Galilee, ready for our third full day of the pilgrimage.  On this day, we went to where Jesus performed His first miracle, the city of Cana. Doron reminded us as we traveled that this wedding took place on the third day. He told us that many Jewish weddings take place on the third day (Tuesday). He explained that in the creation story,God "saw that it was good" twice on the third day. So the Jewish people feel that if God saw that it was good twice on that day, it is a good day to get married. We visited the church on the site where it is believed that this wedding took place and then crossed the street to a small shop that sold Cana wine.

We also visited the city that was often referred to as "the big city" in the Bible, the city of Zipori. Jesus would have visited this city often. It is also known as the home of Mary's parents. One of the most impressive buildings at this site was a crusader fortress that was built on top of an earlier Roman building.

Our final stop of the day was Tel Megiddo. The ruins of which were on top of twenty five layers of cities, the oldest dated back to 4,000 BC. This city played an important role in ancient history because of it's strategic location in the center of the Jezreel Valley and because it dominated the trade routes from Egypt to Mesopotamia. This site will also play an important role in the days to come. This will be the site of the final battle as foretold in the book of Revelation.

As our journey through this land unfolded, there were things that I began to notice that had nothing to do with rocks and ruins. They had nothing to do with cities or history. They had everything to do with the hearts of people. I shared a room with Bobbie and as our conversations took place, I began to see her heart. She was a woman who had been orgainzing these trips for many years, had been to this holy land many times. It was her business, but it was so much more than that. I began to see her heart for bringing people to this place and helping them to experience God in a new way. Through every sense. She took great joy in watching the faces and hearing the stories of each individual who became a Holy Land Pilgrim.

I also developed a great fondness for Doron. The knowledge that he had to share was why we all listened so attentively. But is was his love for his country and the Jewish people that warmed my heart. He captivated us all with his stories at each site and made us laugh as he kept us on schedule by reminding us to "shake a leg!" when we needed to get someplace a little faster. And I really appreciated the way that both Bobbie and Doron made us all feel so safe. Our safety was always of the utmost importance to both of them. Thanks to them and their care for us, there was never a time that I did not feel safe.

The following day we would leave the Galilee for Jerusalem. But on this third day, we ended the day with a cooling swim in the Sea of Galilee. And we all agreed with the Lord, we saw that the third day was good!

Pictured below:
The Jezreel Valley
Bobbie, Doron and I
Swimming in the Galilee

Jezreel Valley

Doron and Bobbie

Swimming in the Sea of Galilee


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