On Distant Shores, a novel by Sarah Sundin

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On Distant Shores, a novel by Sarah Sundin

Wings of the Nightingale, Book 2

Book Review by Trudi Cook

 Courage and Trust in World War II

On Distant Shores picks up the history of the 802nd WW2 flight nurses with the life of Lt. George Taylor.  As World War II continues, George learns two things about herself – the first, as the youngest, pampered daughter of a Southern family, she’s never had to make decisions for herself.  Even the decision to join the flight nurses was just following her lifetime best friend, tomboy Kay, into the program. 

The other thing George learns is that she’s terrified, and when an emergency comes, she freezes.  So the voices of family and fiancé saying “come home where you belong” are very loud.  Along the way, she makes friends with John Hutchinson “Hutch”, a pharmacist, who is also finding the way hard due to the lack of professional respect for his trade in the army.  Though they both have a loved one waiting at home, these two believe it will be okay to be friends and encourage each other to grow.  Ultimately, they are both learning the lesson that God’s is the voice they should listen to, and His plans, not their own, are best.

In this second story of the series, the landscape changes from Northern Africa to Italy, taking the non-combatants closer to the war front and danger.  Readers experience vicariously the enemy bombings of Red Cross tents, the irony of enjoying a party on the beach and visiting historic sites sandwiched between frantic efforts to save lives.  Throughout the book, the deepening faith and spiritual growth of Georgie and Hutch remains an important focus.  War II aficionados and those who just like a good story will enjoy this apparently accurate portrayal of day to day life for the medical personnel in Italy’s war zones.

Sarah Sundin is an extremely good storyteller who has obviously researched well.  On Distant Shores is a gripping novel that held my attention too long past my bedtime!  I couldn’t put the book down with only a few chapters to go.  Although I’d definitely recommend that you read With Every Letter, this book would still be good as a stand-alone story.

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my fair and honest review.

Christian Fiction, Copyright 2013, ISBN 978-0-8007-2082-7



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