In Search of Change

02.07.14 | Phuong Schuetz | Comments[0]

Each New Year, I renew my commitment to know God more and to follow him deeper. I’ve learned though that following God isn’t about me having it all together, it is about God having it all together. People often tell me they can’t come to God because their lives are a mess and they don’t have it all together. Then, there are some who say they have it all together so they don’t need God. The encouraging truth is, God brings order to our messes and he is the only one who has it all together!

For many of us, the New Year offers an opportunity for change. Some may want to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one. We want to look and feel better about ourselves. Those who are in difficult life or work situations, failing relationships, or a hurting marriage also seek change. Some of us may aspire to give more generously and love more deeply. Whatever the case, there is a desire within all of us to begin something anew no matter how well we are living. It is as if there is an unsettling discontent in us to not remain the same from year to year. Could it be that this desire for newness comes from the very heart of God? If we are fully satisfied with who we are, where we are, what we are doing, and where we are headed, why do we look to change? Yet, deep within us there is always a longing for something better, something bigger, something new, something more satisfying. And so we give our best efforts towards change.

Change can be good or harmful depending on the push behind our desire for change. Will the change be pleasing to God and honor his name? Are we considering God in the process of change? If our lives are in a mess, are we trusting that because God can bring order to our chaos, he can give us wisdom for the right kind of change that would make us more like him and serve his purposes? If we feel we don’t need God because we have it all together and just want to be a better, more successful person on our own; let us not forget that God is the only one who truly has it all together.

Whatever change you are looking to make in 2014, I pray you will seek God’s wisdom and follow his path to change. God wants us to change continually so we can become more like his son, Jesus. Spend time talking to him and receive guidance from his Word in the Bible. Then, God will show you the right kind of change to benefit you, your family, and the world around you. Change is necessary. Change can be good. Change that is orchestrated by God will make your life fulfilling and purposeful. Ready, set, change for God!


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