Falling in love with - JESUS ?!?

07.12.10 | Katie Bernier | Comments[13]

Crazy idea, right? At least I thought so! This blog is for my girls specifically, but I’d love to get feedback from the guys too! A few weeks ago I gave a talk on modesty and purity to a group of wonderful teenFallin Love and pre-teen girls. During the talk, I briefly mentioned something about falling in love with Jesus BEFORE they found their girlfriends and future spouses.  Well… what does falling in love with Jesus look like exactly?

I was around 15 when I first heard of the concept of falling in love with Jesus. At first I was skeptical. Jesus was God, not some guy to crush on!  I found my heart truly wanting to love Jesus first, so I started praying for that to happen.

Ok, well what does falling in love with God look like? I knew you could have a deep Philo (brotherly love) for the Lord, but an Eros (romantic) love? Nah!  I didn’t really like emotional stuff and much preferred knowing the Lord on an intellectual level. I wasn’t at all convinced until it happened to me! I knew there were scriptures about the Lord being my husband, and that was cool and all, but um… I wanted a man with skin on. You know?

It’s possible for even skeptics to fall in love!  And the experience will look and feel different for different people. We don’t all fall for the same type of guys and neither will you fall for the same things about the Lord. I like dark, clean-cut guys with a sense of humor; my friend goes for the skateboarding or slightly disheveled artsy types.  That’s how it goes with the Lord (well I have no idea if he’s clean cut or artsy) but you know what I mean! I think I first started falling in Love with Jesus when I noticed His unique sense of humor. (aside from the fact that He created me – ha!)  Oh, and another thing.  His faithfulness attracted me. What is it for you? What character trait do you love about the Lord?

So where does the Eros (romantic) love come in? Well, I fall in love when I see a beautiful waterfall and my heart skips a beat.  That’s God wooing me through His Creation!  Or when I’m praying for the Lord to reassure me of His love, and in that moment, I drive around the corner to behold the biggest sand dune I’ve ever seen!  Then a Psalm pops into my head (that’s God talking and responding to me!) and I remember “How great are Your thoughts to me oh God, how great is the sum of them, if I should count them, they would be more in number than the sand…” It’s all about personal relationship. If you let Him, God will literally woo you to Himself.

Love is the feeling that bubbles up in your heart as you worship.  It’s the restless unease you feel when you haven’t spent time with Him. It’s the need to carve out time for “Date nights with Jesus” in your schedule.

Girls, I didn’t understand what love meant in human romantic relationships until the Lord showed me what it meant to fall in love with Him first! It’s a lot easier to recognize “true love” when you’ve been taught how to love by the Creator of true love! Do I still want a man with skin on? Absolutely! But now that I know what love means, I’m a whole lot more ‘picky’ and the waiting is so much easier.

Don’t hold out for a perfect man. They don’t exist.  They’re all sinners like we are! But hold out for a man that loves Jesus more than you do and will try his best to love you the same way the Lord loves you!

God created men and woman to complement each other, not complete each other. Our culture is very mixed up in that respect! Asking a guy to complete you and fill that need in your life to be unquestionably accepted and loved is too much pressure.  It’s also unreasonable to ask of men because only the Lord can fill that area of your heart. Him and Him alone.

If you’re already in a relationship, you know relationships take work. Well so does a relationship with the Lord. It must be cultivated. He will woo you, but you in turn must respond and spend time getting to know Him.  Falling in love with Jesus is awesome.  His Personality is as deep as you’re gonna get!  There’s always another side of Him to discover too.  Trust me, you’ll never get bored!  And experiencing His love helps you grasp how to love others in return.  Loving them with God’s love!  You can’t get any better than that.

May you know what it feels like to fall in love with Jesus before you fall in love with a man!


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on 03.27.11 Cecilia commented

Every single word you wrote about Jesus's love is true!! He completes you in all possible ways and changes your life in a way that you would never expected.

on 06.13.11 Kari commented

Thank you so much. That's beautiful and amazing. People keep telling me about falling in love with Jesus but I didn't know what that meant. I think I have a better understanding. Thanks again.

on 07.12.11 Katie Bernier commented

Ladies! I'm glad it was an encouragement to you! Falling in love with the Lord is something that is a continual journey and an amazement to me.

on 03.19.12 Dee commented

thanks for such an awesome article! it's a topic rarely explained or talked about, yet so life changing! your article's truly an encouragement to press in and fall even deeper in love with our Lord!

on 06.15.12 may commented

I thank this was beautiful because i know how it feel's to fall in love with Jesus. When i first got to know the lord i thought i was never going to love Jesus because i didnot know how but as i got to know him and speed more time with him i felt something i never felt before in my whole life. I started thinking about the lord day and night when i wake up he would be on my mind and before i go to sleep i would be on my mind. it's verey beautiful to fall in love with Chris god bless.

on 10.03.12 Clare du Bois commented

What a wonderful blog. We are firm believers in the espousal relationship with Jesus. He began taking us to heaven as His bride several years ago and we have a web site dedicated to dwellin in His Heart as His Bride. We wrote a book about our experiences, it's a free download, we also have an album about Song of Songs where the groom sings to the bride and she reads the responses from the Scripture. heartdwellers.org, everythng there is free, we are committed to drawing the bride into His Arms. God bless you, Clare

on 11.24.12 Jovita commented

I have been hearing about it thanks

on 11.24.12 Jovy commented

I have been hearing about it thanks

on 05.30.13 rins commented


on 06.04.13 Chems commented

I am a Christian and always had a love for Jesus. But I started falling in love with Jesus when on my spiritual quest I did Reiki spiritual energy healing and training. This opened up my energy field and I think I was therefore more receptive to spiritual energy and I was able to step closer to the Lord. I fell so deep....I could think of nothing else but Jesus day and night. He taught me so much and has been clearing, healing and teaching me about myself, live, religion, the spiritual life. It has been nearly 10 years now and He is still so near to me leading me on...its the most amazing experience you can ever have.

on 10.17.13 Kimmy commented

I remember when I truly came to the feet of the Lord and felt so much joy when I fist met Him. He felt like such an awesome friend to me. But I still wanted so much more than that. I wanted to feel a stronger love for Jesus than just a friendship love. I remember when I got deeper and deeper into prayer, I started realizing that I was starting to fall more and more in love with Him. I felt giddy with love for my Lord. I couldn't wait to talk with Him again and just let loose in all of this love I felt.
Just as well, I remember me not praying as much and as time went on, I didn't feel that strong love how I felt before. Now, I feel I'm back to just feeling like that friendship brotherly love for Him. Though I don't want that. I want to go back to how I felt before, feeling in love again with true love with my Lord Jesus. I know the answer to that is prayer and fasting and whatnot. I know it's definitely worth it too. I know that I will go back to that strong feeling of falling in love with Him again because I do want that again. The only difference this time? Making sure it stays that way to have that strong special connection that only He could ever give.
Ah, I just feel giddy with love thinking about it right now.

on 12.31.13 Christy commented

Would someone be willing to give me advice on falling in love with Jesus I'd really appreciate it

on 12.18.14 Kristina commented

I really needed to read this! It was exactly what I needed! It was a bit of a confidence boost to see that I'm not the only teenage girl who really wants to fall in love with Jesus!